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Optionally - telephone consultation

All your questions will be answered by telephone consultation or by the advice of a specialist at the Bank's branch. A prior consultation gives you the opportunity to get complete information about the loan terms and the loan formalization process.

Collection and processing of the documents required for the loan application review:
Our experts:
  • Will provide you with complete information on the terms of the loan and the process of the loan;
  • Will help to fill in the application form for the loan, conduct a financial and economic analysis, on the basis of which the decision on the loan will be made and the maximum amount of the loan will be calculated;
The signing of the contract and receiving of the credit:
  • After the loan application review, you will be contacted for notification of the bank's decision;
  • Before signing the loan contract, our experts will explain in detail all the terms of the contract and will answer all your questions;
  • At a time of your convenience, a meeting will be scheduled in the branch for the signing of the loan contract;
  • Once you have signed the contract, you will have access to monetary funds.

The information on transferring data about borrowers is reported to the Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine