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SWIFT is a Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

This system allows you to transfer funds from your account to a specific account at another bank.

Advantages of SWIFT transfers:
  • favorable rate of money transfer;
  • The recipients can be both individuals and corporate clients.
To send a SWIFT payment in foreign currency you will need:
  • name of the recipient’s bank;
  • SWIFT-code of the recipient’s bank;
  • beneficiary's account (or international bank account number - IBAN);
  • for an individual - last name, first name, address (residence) of the recipient;
  • for a corporate client - name, address (residence) of the recipient;
  • description of payment purpose (purpose of payment, invoice number);
  • depending on the amount of payment - supporting documents (contracts, agreements, invoices, documents of affinity, etc.). The supporting documents must be legalized in accordance with the procedure established by legislation.
To receive a SWIFT payment in foreign currency you need:
  • to inform the sender of your bank account details.

Transfers may be made on non-trade operations and are not applied to transfers related to investment and business activities.

Cost of sending SWIFT-payment:

  • USD - 0.2% of the amount (min.30 USD - max.50 USD)*
  • EUR - 0,2% of the amount (min.30 EUR- max.50 EUR)*
  • RUB - 0,2% of the amount (min.30 USD - max.50 USD)*
  • GBP - 0,2% of the amount (min.30 GBP - max.50 GBP)*

*commission is charged at the rate of National Bank of Ukraine on the day of operation execution.

See also: payment details.