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The refinancing credit stipulates availability of loan proceeds to loan repayment arising on the basis of a previously concluded loan agreement.

Banking product features:
  • a possibility to improve credit conditions;
  • a possibility to integrate several loans;
  • possibility to use the received credit funds for other business needs by increasing the credit amount;
  • immediate receipt of a credit decision;
  • no hidden charges.
Credit conditions

It is important for us that the terms of cooperation we offer are in great demand and understandable to our clients.

Type of credit
  • credit;
  • revolving line of credit;
  • non-revolving line of credit.
Credit term from 1 to 60 months
Credit currency Hryvnia, US dollar, EUR euro
Interest rate more…
Possible amount of credit from 100 000,00 UAH (or equivalent)
Credit support Main
  • real estate;
  • transport vehicles;
  • equipment.
  • pledged inventory;
  • property rights;
  • equipment;
  • transport vehicles.
Terms of repayment of credit (loan tranche) According to the schedule established by the Bank
Interest repayment terms Monthly
Additional terms The Borrower shall open a current account in JSC “ASVIO BANK” and install the “Client-Bank” system.
Loan servicing rates more …

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