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Rate of card operations

If the client performs transactions using a card in a foreign currency different from the account currency, the conversion of the transaction amount into the foreign currency of the account is performed in the following order:

  1. The payment system converts the amount of the exchange transaction with the Bank (USD, EUR, depending on the country of operation) at the conversion rate established by this Payment System at the date of settlements with the Bank;
  2. The Bank performs the conversion of the charged/credited transaction amount by the payment system according to the exchange rate:

Exchange rate of currency for making transactions on accounts on 04.02.2023

Code Currency Purchase Selling
USD US dollar 31,5000 32,1800
EUR Euro 33,1900 33,9200

Exchange rates archive

At the same time, in order to avoid risks associated with sharp exchange rate fluctuations, during the authorization of transactions in foreign currency, an amount greater than one, calculated on the day of the transaction may be blocked on the client's account.