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"ASVIO BANK" offers services for sending and receiving money transfers through the PrivatMoney money transfer system.

PrivatMoney money transfers

A handy way to send money to one of the neighboring countries.

Why «PrivatMoney»?

  • A handy way to send money to one of the neighboring countries.
  • It is possible to send both international and internal transfers.
  • Free SMS notification of the sender and recipient of the international transfer.
  • Availability of 24/7 Customer Support Centers with free telephone numbers for information.
  • One of the largest money transfer systems in Ukraine.
  • The agent network abroad is dynamically developing.
  • The ability to make transfers in the most popular currencies (USD, EUR, UAH).

The main features of «PrivatMoney»:

  • Fast transfer speed - the transfer is available for payment from the moment of assignment of the transfer control code. 10 minutes is the time for the sender to send the control number to the recipient.
  • Transfer transactions are performed in the following currencies:
    • International transfers: in USD and EUR;
    • Transfers in Ukraine: in UAH.

Rates for clients:

To send a transfer, you need:

  • to have a passport or a similar document on hand;
  • to know the last name, first name, patronymic of the recipient of the transfer, the country, and city of its receipt;
  • to put in the amount of the transfer and pay for the PrivatMoneyservices;
  • get the transfer code and tell it to the recipient - and the transfer will already be available for payment!

To receive a transfer, you need:

  • to have a passport or a similar document on hand;
  • to know the transfer code, full name of the transfer sender, the amount of the transfer, the currency of transfer as well as the country it was sent from.

Conditions for making transfers:

  • Payment of a commission for the money transfer is made at the expense of the sender and is charged in UAH at the rate of the NBU, effective on the date of sending the transfer, in accordance with the tariffs of the payment system (tariffs are uniform for all points in the territory of Ukraine).
  • The money transfer is available on the system within the destination country for payment within 30 calendar days from the date of sending.

You can read more about PrivatMoney terms of service on the official website.

PrivatMoney money transfer customer support phone number: 3700 (free calls in Ukraine). + 38-056-716-11-31 for calls from abroad

Bank customer support phone number: (800) 30 30 50, E-mail: sekretar@asviobank.ua

Where to send or receive your transfer?

It is possible to send or receive a transfer at ANY PrivatMoney service point, as well as at the nearest branch of JSC “ASVIO BANK”:

  • Kyiv Branch №1 at the address: Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard 19.
  • Kyiv Branch №3 at the address: Vidradniy avenue, 103.
  • Kyiv Branch №5 at the address: Budindustii street, 7.
  • Kyiv Branch №6 at the address: Mezhigirskaya street, 79А
  • Kyiv Branch №14 at the address: Jerzy Giedroyc street (formerly Tverskaya), 6

Official information

The payment organization of the PrivatMoney international money transfer system is JSC CB PrivatBank.

Location: Grushevskogo street, 1d, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

The procedure (conditions) for the transfer of funds are described in detail on the website of JSC CB PrivatBank

Dear Partners!

The PrivatMoney system offers the possibility of making transfers in the territory of Ukraine.

Receiving/sending internal transfers is available between:

  • JSC CB “PrivatBank”;
  • JSC “A-Bank”.


Tariff for sending PrivatMoney transfers in the territory of Ukraine (uniform for all channels and agent banks)

The minimum amount

The maximum amount


Client fee>



149 999



Privatbank Branch, Agent banks

The dispute settlement procedure between participants and users of the PrivatMoney system

All disputes arising between participants and users* of the PrivatMoney money transfer system must be resolved by negotiation as well as in a judicial procedure in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The financial claims of clients (system users) are considered and answered directly by the Direct / Indirect participant (for those clients he/she serviced).

The client submits a statement of claim to the Direct / Indirect participant. On the basis of this claim, the participant conducts an appropriate investigation.

If necessary, the client provides the Direct / Indirect Participant with the necessary documents, confirming the claim.

The exchange rate in the system is set by PrivatMoney.

* PrivatMoney funds transfer users are senders and recipients of transfers.