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Address of the Chairman of the Board

18.03.2020 14:21

Dear friends, clients, partners, I hasten to report to YOU ​​on the work of JSC "ASVIO BANK" in quarantine:

• ASVIO BANK operates in the normal mode;

• But we urge YOU to limit visits to bank branches during the quarantine period without an urgent need. Take care of yourself, pay online; say cash - no!

• ASVIO BANK is solvent, liquid, profitable;

• Today the bank works stably and provides services to clients. We have enough funds to service and issue as needed from your current and deposit accounts. The liquidity reserve is sufficient to settle with all the Bank's current account clients at one time;

• We have already started a dialogue and significant actions with borrowers to restructure loans, for those who have certain reasons for the impact of coronavirus on the Ukrainian / world economy to limit business activity in different countries;

• The Bank's foreign exchange liquidity is sufficient with exaggeration, so customers can conduct non-cash currency transactions without interruption. If necessary, the currency can be bought online. It's safer;     

At the same time, in order to preserve the health of the members of the team of JSC "ASVIO BANK" and limit the range of their social contacts, most employees will work remotely.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!We are always in touch with you!

Sincerely, Lyudmila Voynova, Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank

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