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List of documents for opening an account of a non-resident investor

The account is opened directly by the non-resident investor or his trusted agents. Specimens of their signatures are shown on a specially designed card. It is obligatory to provide them with identification documents and certificates from the STI (State Tax Department) on the assignment of an identification number (if any).

  1. Account opening application (bank form).
  2. Copy of legalized or certified by apostille excerpt from commercial, bank or court register or list certificate of local authority of foreign state on registration of legal entity, notarized (must be with translation into Ukrainian language, notarized). The document should include the following information:
    • company registration;
    • business address;
    • appointment of the director of the company.
    If the date of registration of the company exceeds 2 months at the moment of opening the account, then it is necessary to submit a document confirming that it is still registered at the place of registration. The document must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.
  3. A copy of the power of attorney, certified by apostille, in the name of the person entitled to open and manage the account, certified by a notary (must be translated into Ukrainian, notarized).
  4. Cards with specimen signatures and stamp of non-resident investor stamp, notarized - 1 piece.
  5. In case the non-resident investor is a party to the product sharing agreement in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Production Sharing Agreements”. Additionally, a copy of the document confirming the non-resident investor's registration with the state tax office shall be submitted.
  6. Questionnaire (bank form).
  7. Letter from non-resident investor about the presence of accounts with other banks (with all details).
  8. Identification of non-resident investor founders who have a direct or indirect influence on the companys’ activities. If the founders of the company are legal entities, you must specify their name. It is also worth mentioning the data of individuals-executives of companies. Data on individuals should include:
    • Name; 
    • Passport (series, number); 
    • Date of birth; 
    • Place of residence; 
    • Share in the authorized capital of the company.
  9. Information and / or documents confirming the ownership structure.
  10. If the account is opened by the director of the company, it is necessary to provide a document confirming residence in the territory of Ukraine (certificate from Housing and Communal Services or hotel).

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