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Fill out the advance application for obtaining of the bank guarantee:

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Tariffs for obtaining a bank guarantee in Ukraine:
For granting of a guarantee (without security / partial security) from 1,5% of the guarantee amount (but not less than 400,00 UAH) exc VAT
For granting of a guarantee (under full financial cover) from 1,5% of the guarantee amount (but not less than 400,00 UAH) exc VAT
Bank guarantees from JSC "ASVIO BANK":

Bank guarantee - is bank liabilities to the beneficiary to effect a payment on his behalf within the amount of the guarantee, in case the counterparty (principal) fails to fulfill his obligations to the beneficiary.

You can get a guarantee in an electronic form for working in the system of Government procurement ProZorro ("Прозорро").

Bank Guarantees in Ukraine - Why Does Successful Business Choose “ASVIO BANK”?

  • There are no long-standing audits — the manager will notify you about the decision in just 30 minutes after an application!
  • Time period for issuing bank guarantee is 1 day!
  • Tender guarantee — without security!

“ASVIO BANK” provides the following types of bank guarantees in Ukraine:

  • Tender Guarantee or Bank Guarantee for participation in Tender (guarantee for provision of tender) is the liability of the Bank to effect a payment to the Tenderer (Beneficiary) to the extent of the sum of funds in connection with the Principal's request for tender, in the event of the Principal's default under conditions of participation in the tender;
  • Performance guarantee - the Bank guarantees payment, in the case of failure to deliver the goods, late performance of works or rendering of services in accordance with the Contract.
  • Advance payment guarantee is the advance payment bond by the Bank to the buyer (Beneficiary) in the event of the seller (Principal) default under the Contract;
  • Tour Operator / Travel Agency Guarantee is the financial support of the tour operator / travel agent civil liability for tourists for damage that may be caused to the tourist in the event of circumstances of travel agent / tour operator insolvency, or due to breach of the process of bankruptcy, related to the need of returning the tourists to the place of residence (place of stay), reimbursement of the cost of non-rendered services stipulated by the contract (voucher).

Bank guarantees in Ukraine from "ASVIO BANK" - without security, within a short time, with a minimum package of documents:

  • Individual approach to the choice of the best guarantee tool, taking into account the specifics of your business;
  • Ability to obtain the bank guarantees required for the formation of a documentation package, for the participation of the company in tenders, obtaining a license of a tour operator, etc.;
  • Ability to provide their counterparties with additional collateral of fulfillment of contractual terms;
  • Availability of a payment deferment without increasing the cost of goods (works, services);
  • Substantial saving - the payment for guarantee is several times lower than the drawdown charge;
  • Expeditious examination of issues, related to the provision of bank guarantees.

The general contract for granting of a guarantee – is an opportunity for you, within the established limits, to obtain individual guarantees, both in parallel and in succession.

Additional advantages from General contract for granting of a guarantee from JSC “ASVIO BANK”:

  • An effective time-saving tool - upon approval of the limit, each individual Guarantee is provided within 2 hours from the receipt of duly executed documents from the Client by the Bank and payment of a commission for the guarantee;
  • Ability to receive different types of guarantees under one contract (for example, tender guarantee and performance bond) in one Bank.

How to apply for and receive a bank guarantee with a minimum package of documents - preliminary consultation:

At the initial stage, members of our staff will provide you with complete information on the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Documents will also be consulted as needed. If it is necessary you can also get advice on drawing up of documents.

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