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"ASVIO BANK" adheres to the conservative model of banking.

That is why, unlike the majority of banks, we do not aim to attract as many deposits as possible at high-risk interest rates.

Likewise, “ASVIO BANK” does not pursue an aggressive credit policy, providing its clients with only economically viable loans.

Only a classic business model like this can eliminate the risk of a sudden outflow of funds from a banking institution, even in crisis periods. The 25 years of our successful operation is perfect proof of it.

No matter the downturns- “ASVIO BANK” keeps on demonstrating 100% stability, without involving NBU refinancing.

Working with individuals and corporate customers, we focus primarily on those clients who realize that the reliability of a banking institution is not based on its size or high-profile advertising but on the business model it grounds on.

Today, the conservative policy of "ASVIO BANK" allows you to get good wages and have a peaceful sleep in the same way that our clients, management, and shareholders do.