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Compliance control service

asvio bank

“ASVIO BANK” strictly adheres to the requirements of Ukrainian and international legislation, industry and corporate rules, professional standards and procedures, as it highly values ​​its own reputation of a reliable and transparent financial institution.

All services of “ASVIO BANK” are provided in accordance with the principles of professional ethics and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Officials of JSC “ASVIO BANK” carry out their functional duties in a vocational and conscientious manner, seeking constantly to gain the trust of our clients, partners and counterparties.

“ASVIO BANK” highly values ​​its clients, rating and reputation, so when you become aware of facts:

  • of violations of the legislation of Ukraine by an employee of “ASVIO BANK”, including normative legal acts of the National Bank of this country;
  • of corruption with the participation of employees of “ASVIO BANK”, abuse of office;
  • of bank and / or trade secret misconduct;
  • about conflicts of interest involving the Banks’ employees;
  • of improper behavior of our employees, which can damage the interests of JSC “ASVIO BANK” and its reputation.

You can inform us of this by sending the appropriate message using the Whistleblowing Form below.

It should include your first name, patronymic / organization denotation and contact information. Please note that the message must contain and the position of the person you believe to be inappropriate and the date of the incident.

It is necessary to mention about the fact of an improper performance of an official of JSC “ASVIO BANK” their duties, and, if possible, to provide appropriate evidence. You need to provide information in detail in order our reaction would be quick.

Appeals written with the aim of resolving personal conflicts with officials of “ASVIO BANK” will not be considered. We also inform you that complaints about the quality of service are not allowed by the Compliance Control Service of JSC “ASVIO BANK”.

Form of confidential (anonymous) notifications of unacceptable behavior/violations in the course of activity of JSC 'ASVIO BANK'