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Commercial real-estate loan is presented to increase the property of the real estate for commercial prices in the secondary market. The loan is issued against the security of immovable property that is obtaining.

Banking product features:
  • the possibility of providing in the capacity of additional collateral, the real estate in order to decrease the down payment to 0%;
  • immediate obtaining of the credit decision and extending the credit;
  • no hidden charges and commissions for early loan repayment charges.
Credit conditions

It is important for us that the business terms and conditions that we offer are in demand and understandable to our clients.

Type of credit
  • credit;
  • non-revolving line of credit.
Credit term from 1 to 60 months
Credit currency Hryvnia, US dollar, EUR euro
Interest rate more…
Possible amount of credit from 100 000,00 UAH (or equivalent)
Credit support real estate
Terms of repayment of credit (loan tranche) According to the schedule established by the Bank
Interest repayment terms Monthly
Additional terms The Borrower shall open a current account in JSC “ASVIO BANK” and install the “Client-Bank” system.
Loan servicing rates more…

You can find out the procedural formalities for a loan here...