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Electronic payment system “Client-Bank”

“Client-Bank” is a remote account management system

The system allows:
  • data entry, printing, sending and control of the status of documents in national and foreign currency;
  • receiving customer account statements for any period; receiving messages regarding refusal to accept payment orders; latest information (NBU telegrams, exchange rates, % interest rates for credits and deposits, etc.);
  • formation and sending to the bank the applications for purchase / sale of currency;
  • creating SWIFT payments;
  • support for import / export of documents.
What is the benefit?
Information from the client to the bank and from the bank to the client is promptly received:
  • the payment document is created, encrypted and sent in 5-10 minutes;
  • every minute payment documents are automatically entered into the banking system and displayed to the contractor;
  • for each document sent by the client, there is an incoming message about the time of processing and sending of the document by the bank through the electronic payment system the NBU;
  • complete payment information is automatically generated for each crediting to the client's bank account;
  • a client receives final statements on his accounts with complete transaction information on a day-to-day basis.
The “Client-Bank” system ensures security of information sharing:
  • all data transferred to the bank or received from the banking structure is encrypted in a special way according to the standards ISO 8730 and ISO 8731 using a password and calculation of the checksum of the file, which ensures absolute confidentiality of data communication;
  • the database is not accessible by any means other than “Client-Bank” system, in other words the database is completely isolated from extraneous interference.
Ease of use and convenience of the program:
  • the program helps to correctly fill in the fields of documents, print them on a computer. It also keeps an archive of sent and received documents. The program is equipped with books of reference and has the ability to work with documents from other systems;
  • the program meets the requirements of computerized bookkeeping;
  • eliminates the error level in the formation of payment documents through the software pattern system;
  • performs calculations during an extended operating day;
  • possibility to control and forecast in the client side of the funds deposited in accounts when collecting the payment order;
  • different versions of the software are available: Online and Office Offline systems;
  • there is a complete built-in online support on the software complex, which can help to resolve any issue;
  • a unique use of the "details of payment" book of reference, with the possibility of the choice of as individual customer payments as well as all other transactions;
  • automatic or manual assignment of a payment number.
Electronic payment system "Internet Client-Bank"

Launch "Internet Client-Bank"

Accounts management via the Internet
System capabilities:
  • operation via the Internet with all current and archival information stored in the bank and with all accounts opened in the bank;
  • up to 4 signatures are supported from anywhere on the Internet: for example, an accountant can prepare, sign a document with his signature; the director, being anywhere in the world through the Internet Client-Bank, signs and initiates the formation of a document in the bank.
The uniqueness of the system lies in its reliability:
  • does not use Internet Explorer and other Internet browsers that are incompatible with obtaining confidential information;
  • for its work the system uses a program that is downloaded from the bank's website or from a CD-ROM and does not require installation;
  • does not require installation of the accompanying software: DBMS, desktop applications;
  • provides work through a proxy server without additional settings;
  • provides the client with a high degree of mobility: Client-Bank is accessible from any IBM-compatible computer: office stationary computer, laptop, netbook, computers in Internet cafes, home PCs that meet the following technical requirements;
  • each copy of the program has a unique data encryption system;
  • each communication session with the bank has a unique distortion system, which is generated randomly, which does not allow to decrypt the data in the channel;
  • used for encryption and signatures of the library, certified by Security Service of Ukraine.
Requirements and means for the operation of the “Client-Bank” system:
  • Computer IBM-PC
  • Any Internet connection (landline phone is sufficient)
  • ОС 32-bit Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/10
  • 100 MB free disk space

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