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Authorization limits

In order to limit the risks of unauthorized access to the card account, payment systems and the Bank set limits (authorization limits) on card transactions that are intended to protect your funds.

Authorization limits determine the maximum total amount and number of transactions that a cardholder is allowed to carry out over a given period.

The primary cardholder (card account holder) has the right to change (decrease, increase, cancel) the standard authorization limits for his card (additional cards). The limits are changed in the following manner:

  • if there is a one-time requirement to make a transaction at the amount exceeding the standard one-day limit, call the Customer support service at ( 0 800 50 44 50; +380 44 394-88-00) and cancel the restriction until the next calendar date;
  • if there is a need to make considerable expenditures of resources using the card for a certain period or, straight conversely, there is a need to restrict access to the card account for a fixed period - you should appeal to the Bank and make a written application.