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asvio bank

25,85  million UAH 41,70 % 176,15 %
Profit as for January 2022

Capital adequacy ratio

(Controller requirement ≥ 10%)

LCR liquidity ratio

(Controller requirement ≥ 100 %)


Individual approach to each consumer, steadiness, and sustainability are the key features that distinguish ASVIO BANK from other banking structures in the eyes of our clients.

We are one of the first commercial banks in Ukraine, with a successful history of more than 30 years. At the same time we remain a moderate financial institution.


Due to the development strategy and corporate values that ASVIO BANK provides, the conscious avoidance of any risks is guaranteed. Corporate clients and individual business representatives can count on risk-free partnership with ASVIO BANK.

What we offer:

1. Truly individual approach to each client

Being serviced by ASVIO BANK, you have your own private banking assistant who will always help you find the optimal financial tool for solving your current and long-term tasks: from the fastest possible transaction to the safest funds placement and the most profitable investments in securities.

2. Best conditions for use of individual safes in Kyiv

The depository of ASVIO BANK, which our clients often call as their private Fort Knox, is our exclusive pride. 100% reliability and comfort is combined with the best rates and access to assets 7 days a week.

3. Proactivity, openness and special conditions throughout

When you work with us, you will forget the word “bureaucracy”. Simple and logical telephone and internet banking, flexible deposit programs, individual exchange buying / selling rates, a conference room for meetings with your business partners. Stay pleased with our two-level decision-making. And if necessary, you always have an opportunity to meet with the direction of ASVIO BANK firsthand.

What do we avoid doing?

1. We are not geared to run a credit expansion

ASVIO BANK is gradually developing, not trying to increase its own presence in the market due to credit expansion. We fund only viable public and private projects and provide loans very responsibly. Only proven clients with sound financial and market position can bank on our financial support.

2. Aggressive advertising policies are not our prerogatives

We do not engage customers with empty promises. ASVIO BANK functionalizes for those who understand: the reliability of a banking institution depends not so much on its size or number of branches, as on the quality of services and risk management this organization provides clients with.

3. We are not salesmen - we do not want to realize a product to a customer

We consider banking service as a collaboration process built on three pillars: a culture of service, professionalism, and customer understanding. Each of these components are just for our clients! We are trying to be the best for you!


As practice shows, acquaintance with ASVIO BANK usually exceeds the expectations of our potential clients.

Take a look at our interactive 3D tour - and come to meet the bank staff firsthand. Ready to welcome you - see all our professional benefits yourself!

Larysa Movchan, acting Chairman of the Board of ASVIO BANK::

 "Our logo is an equilateral triangle - a symbol of harmony and balance in all three drivers of our development. The orange base is enthusiasm and creativity, the blue side is our commitment to work in strict compliance with the law. The green side is a symbol of steady growth and moderation in development.

 Together with bright colors, ASVIO BANK logo embodies our energy and our primary goal - to help you succeed in business. Join our dedicated team now!"