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List of documents for a bank current account opening to a resident corporate client
  1. Current account opening statement (bank form).
  2. Questionnaire (bank form).
  3. Card with samples of signatures and imprint of company seal *. It must be certified by a notary or an organization to which the client is administratively subordinate. The card must bear the signatures of those persons who have the right to dispose of the account, sign the settlement documents in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. If the second signature rights are not provided, the cards should indicate “the second signature right is not provided”.
  4. Charter (provision), founding agreement (if any) or administrative service code **. A legal entity created and / or operating on the basis of a model statute approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine shall submit a copy of the decision on its creation or on the activity on the basis of a model statute signed by all the founders.
  5. Passports and originals of certificates on assignment of identification numbers of persons who have the rights of the first and second captios in the card with the specimen signatures and the stamp.
  6. A copy of the protocol on the election of the head and the order on the entry into the position of the head and a copy of the orders for the persons whose captains samples are submitted in the card with the samples of the caption and the imprint of the seal. Certified by the seal of the enterprise and the signature of the head of the enterprise.
  7. Information and / or documents, which are required to reveal the structure of moisture.
  8. Financial statements (Form 1 and Form 2) for the most recent period, quarter. It must be certified by the signature of the manager and the seal of the enterprise.
  9. Non-bank financial institutions additionally submit a copy of the certificate of registration of the organization in the state register, approved by the issuing body, or notarized or signed by an authorized employee of the Bank.

* If the persons indicated on the card are not clients of the bank, they need to apply to this structure personally for the procedure of verification (they need a passport and identification number).

** All statutes registered after 01.01.2016 are available (by access code) electronically on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The unique number (code) can be found in the paper “Description of documents provided by a legal entity to the state registrar for registration” in the upper right corner of the first page.

Besides above mentioned documents, a bank client should also submit the following ones:

  1. Request from the legal entity or the relevant privatization body (regarding the structural units that are separated during the privatization process) to the bank to open an account with the current account number of the legal entity and the name of the bank with which it is opened, as well as information on whether the unit is a payer single contribution.
  2. Copy of the Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, which contains information about the separate unit.
  3. Copies of a properly formulated subdivision provision.
  4. Power of Attorney for the head of a separate unit.

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