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Business lounge MasterCard


MasterCard company invites Premium Mastercard® cardholders to start their journey in the comfortable business lounge located in terminal D of Boryspil international airport. 

The owners of premium-class cards Platinum Mastercard issued by ASVIO bank, can take advantage of MasterCard ** business lounge and experience the international-level comfort.



Your plan of action at the airport

Insert and swipe your plastic card through the reader or hold it near the payment terminal that is placed at the entrance of Mastercard business lounge

Enter the PIN-code and check the payments in your account

Enjoy the time and use the premium-class Mastercard services at the airport


An additional term comes into effect from the 1st of July 2019. It concerns transactions for a total amount of more than 6000 hryvnias (payments made in the sales and service network on the Internet) carried out within the latest 30 + 5 days with your Platinum ASVIO Bankcard.



Within 30 days make a card payment for over 6000 hryvnia 

35 days before the day of departure 

Payments made within the last 5 days as well as the weekend before departure are not taken into consideration.

Day of departure

Wait for the flight in Mastercard business-lounge

The following CARD TRANSACTIONS WILL BE LEFT OUT according to the above-mentioned term:

  • Purchases that will be refunded or compensated afterward;
  • Any purchases made in cash and money withdrawal in ATM;
  • Person-to-person transactions;
  • Purchases that were paid by checks, insurance bonuses, interests, all kinds of commissions and fees, any gambling games (including charges made for the opportunity to win the prize).  

New cardholders can benefit from the provided 37-day welcome-period. 

To use the airport service, your card must be active, the balance should be minimum 1 hryvnia, and you need to enter the correct PIN-code on the terminal.

More about transaction conditions

In the business lounge, you can use the following services free of charge:

  • Ukrainian and international print media;
  • Tea, coffee, food, low-alcohol beverages, and alcoholic drinks;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Desktop computers with an Internet connection (international flights);
  • Printer, fax, and xerox (international flights);
  • Large-screen TV;
  • Smoking room.


  • Free entrance for cardholders’ children under 4 years old;
  • Free period in the business lounge equals 3 hours, further time must be paid separately.

** For Platinum ASVIO Bank cardholders, the business lounge is free for 3 hours (one visit within 24 hours). Exceeding time must be separately paid. Any other people who accompany you and who do not hold Platinum ASVIO Bankcard must also pay separately to enter the business lounge and benefit from its services: 

The first three hours (fully or partially used):

  • business lounge (international flights) - 650 hryvnias excl. VAT
  • business lounge (domestic flights) - 720 hryvnias incl. VAT

Every hour thereafter (fully or partially used):

  • business lounge (international flights) - 325 hryvnias excl. VAT
  • business lounge (domestic flights) - 360 hryvnias incl. VAT

Make yourself comfortable in the MasterCard business lounge!

Also, PLATINUM MASTERCARD cardholders can use a separate security check area and passport control point in Boryspil International Airport. This is a service package for passengers who go on international flights.

Plan of actions:

  1. Hold the Premium Mastercard® plastic card near the payment terminal that is placed on the Fast Line turnstile;
  2. Enter the PIN-code of your Premium Mastercard®;
  3. If you enter a correct PIN-code, 1 hryvnia will be temporarily withheld on your account; 
  4. Pass the check that reveals if the sum spent within the last 30 + 5 days before the day of flight exceeds 6000 hryvnias. Mind that there are transactions that are included in the list of exceptions and are not reckoned (check the website for details www.mastercard.ua). In case you received a newly-issued card less than 30 days ago, the check cannot be carried out). 
  5. FastLane address in Boryspil International Airport: 08307, Ukraine, Kyiv region, Boryspil -7, Boryspil Airport, Terminal D.

The service is available for all international flights of Boryspil International Airport. The service can be used once every 24 hours.

For details please visit the website www.mastercard.ua